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Who are we?

Global leader in intent-based contextual marketing

We are a technology and media company that specializes in efficient customer acquisition.

With our commitment to quality content, we help potential customers get the best possible information before buying a product. We empower them to make informed decisions about the products and services they like to buy. At the same time, we use our technology expertise to only address consumers who are on the verge of making a purchase decision.

30+ Geos

We operate in more than 30 different countries and reach users interested in dating there.

Own Media Sites

We operate our own media sites, which we make available to our partners exclusively for marketing purposes. In addition, we also cooperate with media partners to expand our reach.

30M+ Readers/Year

Our content is read by more than 30 million dating users around the world before they choose a dating app or website.

Rankings & Recommendations

On our websites, we present the user with several products and brands that are capable of adequately satisfying his or her needs. We never charge a fee for listing a brand in our product guides. We only get a fee if a user decides to buy a product or service.

500k+ Leads/Year

Based on our recommendations, we generate more than 500k highly qualified leads per year for our dating partners.

Risk-Free Marketing Channel

Brands that work with us can rely on an additional, risk-free marketing channel in their marketing mix, as they only pay for real customers and not for impressions or clicks.

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Are you a Publisher?

More and more online publishers are turning to new sources of revenue beyond traditional advertising. The magic word here is ‘Commerce Content’. We can help you tap into these new revenue streams right away, as we already work with partners who want to be present on quality media sites.

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Are you an Advertiser?

Are you looking for new customers for your product or online service? We specialise in finding customers who do not yet have a brand preference and are about to make a purchase decision, so-called high-intent customers. No risk for you, but more sales and better ROI.

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Please contact us in order to learn more about how to work with us as an advertiser.

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Our Approach

How do we do it?

The world's leading matchmaking brands trust us

Our technology platform coupled with love for high quality editorial content, satisfies global businesses and users every day.
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